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seo content

SEO Content Writing Helpful Techniques

SEO content writing goal is to rank in search engines. It focuses on the keywords, process of planning, creating and optimizing webpage content. Why is SEO content writing important? Why is SEO content so important? Does it really plays a vital role in the success of SEO? Well, the answer is yes. Content is just …



What are keywords? Keywords are words or key phrases entered by users into search engine to find out what they are looking for on the internet. These are added to web page content in order to improve rankings on search engines. In search engine optimization it’s needed to discover the right keywords used by many people. …

technical seo

Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Technical SEO is our next topic. I have posted on my previous blog posts On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Technical SEO are the activities that help search engine crawlers efficiently crawl and index your site properly to improve organic rankings. So, technical SEO is like the foundation of a website. Why is Technical SEO important? …