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Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Technical SEO is our next topic. I have posted on my previous blog posts On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

Technical SEO are the activities that help search engine crawlers efficiently crawl and index your site properly to improve organic rankings.

So, technical SEO is like the foundation of a website.

Why is Technical SEO important?

Well, because technical SEO is what allows search engines to know that you have a website of high value. This is vital because its prompts the search engines to rank you higher.

What are the Technical SEO elements?

Website speed

The faster your website loads, the better because it plays a direct role in user experience. Most of the users bounced off the sites when loading speed is slow.

Make your templates simple

Make your templates minimalists by limiting the components of your website.

Additional elements of your layouts like plugins, widgets, tracking codes need extra time to load. So, optimizing is much needed because the more elements on a page that need to load, the longer your users must wait.

Optimize visuals

Similarly, images are important. Create sharp images and make sure to adjust their sizes. However, limit to the minimum sizes because large pictures can affect your loading time.

Browsers cache

The browser cache stores website resources automatically (on a local computer) the first time you visit a webpage. Thus significantly improves the page load speed for returning visitors.

Try to leverage the browser cache and set it according to your needs.

Mobile friendliness

Millions of people all over the world uses mobile rather than using computers (desktops/laptops). So, mobile friendliness of your website is equally important as website speed.

You can test how your website’s load in mobile devices. Use Google’s mobile-friendly test tool.

mobile-friendly test
mobile-friendly test

Site architecture

We are always tempted to go directly into visual design, but the process is easier if you know what you are getting for your business. Plan a better SITE STRUCTURE and rank higher in the search engines. Remember to keep it simple and organized in a logical hierarchy.

site architecture
site architecture

Technical SEO covers a broad range of subjects concerning the elements needed for optimizing according to the search engine requirements. And, I hope that this overview of the major issues will be enough for now.

Do you have any question regarding technical SEO? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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